Breastfeeding: the benefits for you!


This is not a post about whether or not breastfeeding is healthier for your baby. That’s not a discussion I’m going to join. No, I will be summing up my top 5 of purely egotistical pros and cons about breastfeeding for you, the mommy!

First I will give you a short summary of my breastfeeding experience. I only breastfed my first-born for a month, because she was in the hospital for a few weeks which meant she never learned how to latch on. So I was exclusively extracting milk with a pump and that got old very quickly.

With my second child I did have the opportunity to breastfeed straight from the source. I am currently still doing so and will be for a while to come. I personally love it and would recommend it to every mommy-to-be. As I said before I am not going to claim it’s better for your child, because I am simply not qualified to say so and I am not about to judge a mother who decides to give formula. But what I can do make a top 5 (because there are more) of my personal pros and cons about the whole situation and perhaps this will make your decision whether or not to breastfeed easier, or maybe it will just prepare you for what’s to come.

I’m going to start by listing the cons because I would prefer to end this post on a positive note. Please remember that these are my personal experiences and feelings. Other mommy’s might have totally different opinions about this.

1. Ouch, that hurt!

Yes, in the beginning it will hurt. Up until now your nipples have only ever been softly played with (lol) but now they’re actually being put to work! And that takes some getting used to. I would say the first week or two will be hard. There might even be a little blood involved. But it will get easier, I promise. Just listen to your midwife’s instructions and take good care of the little (or big) nips.

2. The leakage is real my friend!

In the beginning your boobs are still trying to figure out how much your baby wants to feed and when. And until that time you can expect to have some annoying leakage. Especially at night! Luckily they sell little pads that will help avoid embarrassing wet spots.

3. Exposed in public?

I am personally one of those mommy’s that does not feel comfortable whipping out the boob in public. I have nothing against other mommy’s doing it, but it’s just not my ‘cup of tea’. So whenever we go out for the day, I always have to either extract milk or end up sitting in the disabled toilet very awkwardly for 20 minutes.

4. Every night is your turn.

Seen as you only have the boobs, it’s not possible for your partner to take over a night feeding to let you get some rest. Nope, it’s all up to you!

5. No more wine for you!

Well, not true necessarily. But still.. you will have to be very conscious of what you drink and eat. Thankfully, there are loop wholes for those evenings you just need a glass or two (or three).

OK, that’s the most important cons I can think of that have annoyed me from time to time. Now for the pros to breastfeeding your little one.

1. It’s not just a chore.

Instead of having to make bottles, warm up bottles and wash bottles every three hours, all you will have to do is whip out the boob. This makes life so much easier and it creates a lovely bonding moment with your baby.

2. Less poop!

It’s normal for a breastfed baby to go days without pooping and when there is poop it stinks way less than.. formula poop? Really!

3. It’s cheaper.

A very obvious pro is that breast milk is free! No further explanation needed.

4. ‘They claim’ it helps you lose the baby weight.

I personally can’t co-sign this one, but I’ll still list it I guess. ‘They say’ it burns over 300 calories a day. I haven’t noticed this miracle, but maybe others have?

5. There’s no such thing as too much!

With formula it’s important that you avoid overfeeding your baby. But this doesn’t mean that your baby won’t cry for more milk. This can cause very draining situations. But with breast milk it’s a different story. You (generally speaking) can give your baby as much breast milk as they want. So when your baby is having a full on cry-athon, you can whip out the boob and sooth him/her.

This concludes my top 5 of pros and cons to breastfeeding. Feel free to add yours down below in the comment section.

And lastly, I would just like to add: if you do chose to breastfeed, don’t give up! You know they say it always gets harder just before it gets easier and I assure you it will!signature



  1. Racquel C

    This breastfeeding piece brought me all the way back when I breastfed my now 5 year old. The points you made were spot on. One con I remembered was a few days after my daughter was born my breast got engorged and swelled up like watermelons it was so painful! The only way to resolve it was by pumping the milk out.

    • Diapers and Red Lipstick

      Oh yes! The beginning two weeks are definitely hard at times. Your boobs are still trying to figure out how much milk they need to produce for your little one.

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