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I’m something of a serial-quitter. Not on purpose, it just kind of happens. Over the last two years I have started (and quitted) so many different hobbies, it’s crazy. I’m always excited to try something new, but after a few weeks I’m already bored with it. Normally this wouldn’t be an issue, but it’s getting a little annoying.

When I think of my friends, most of them┬áhave something specific they’re great at and passionate about. Whether it be fitness, music, photography, etc. Whenever someone asks them the question: “so what do you like to do in your spare time?”, they have something interesting to say. Where as my answer is usually: “well you know, the new season of the walking dead just started!”. Actually, since we’re being honest here, I usually make something up and just hope they don’t ask anything else about it.

Now, just in case you think I’m overreacting with the ‘serial-quitter’ comment, if you were to have a look in my storage room you would find a dusty keyboard, a sewing machine, drawers full of scrapbooking materials, a bag a yarn and knitting needles and a box with acrylic nail supplies. I want to blame myself, but I also kind of want to blame Pinterest. It’s forever getting me all excited about some random D.I.Y. I’ve found.

Now the main problem is, (besides running out of storage space) is that I can sort of do the basics of all these things, but I’m not particularly great at any of them. This seems to be a reoccurring problem in my life. Even at college I’m getting my bachelor in Management, Economics & Law. Which means I kind of know a bit about management, a little about economics, but even less about law.

And then there’s my latest craze, blogging. I’m enjoying it so far, but I really hope this doesn’t turn out to be a bust too! I mean, I am paying for web hosting and everything. I need to make sure that I keep this up, so I did a little research on Google (as one does) and I’ve summed up a list of tricks and tips the ‘pros’ swear by to help you find your passion in life. Let’s go!

Quote 3

Well.. Google failed me. I guess that’s to be expected. You can’t google tips for finding your passion, I think it eventually just finds you. And until that time comes I’m going to enjoy learning new crafts and making lots of Pinterest boards. Maybe I’ll even be able to share a few D.I.Y’s with my readers in the future!

I would love to know what’s your passion in life. Leave it in a comment below

&┬ámaybe I’ll try that too! lol




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